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The HPJRA Entry Office is at PO Box 1675 Hereford, TX 79045. 
Linda McConnell, Rodeo Secretary  |  806-407-2611  The Entry Office is only open during scheduled callback.  The HPJRA Entry Office processes entries for HPJRA events only.  
Boys/Girls: 6 & Under
Boys: 7-9 yrs.10-12 yrs.13-15 yrs.19 & U
7-9 yrs.10-12 yrs.13-15 yrs.19 & U

Entries are to be postmarked by 5:00 pm a minimum of 10 days prior the first performance of each rodeo weekend.  Mail entry and fees to HPJRA Entry Office, PO Box 1675 Hereford, TX 79045. 
Non-Members are welcome to participate at any regular season rodeo of the HPJRA (not the Finals Rodeo).  Non-Member entries must be received and are subject to same penalties as a member.  A copy of birth certificate and NON-MEMBER INFORMATION SHEET must accompany each entry.  Non-Members must pay fees in the form of money order or cashiers check.  No personal checks will be accepted from a non-member.

Entries received after postmark and those accepted through callback deadline will be assessed a $25 per contestant, and progressive per rodeo, late fee.  Late entries will be accepted to compete in the first available performance only.  No preferences on late entries.

Pre & Post Callback Information.  Confirmation of contestant entry and performance set up will be made available in this section of the website a minimum of three (3) days (on Wednesday the week of rodeo) prior to the first performance.  Or, contestants may call HPJRA Entry Office on Wednesday, the week of rodeo, from 5:00 - 7:00 pm (MT) at 806-407-2611. It is the sole responsibility of the contestant to confirm callback information.  Post-Callback Report:  Entry changes, late entries, and trade-outs will be provided on a Post-Callback Report in this section of the website by 8:00 pm (MT) on Wednesday the week of a rodeo. ​

Open Teams.  Contestants who enter OPEN in the Team Roping must fill the open run prior to the close of callback which is Wednesday, the week of rodeo, by 6:00 pm (MT). Any open team roping runs at end of callback will be automatically drawn out.
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