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The High Plains Junior Rodeo Association is a non-profit youth rodeo organization represented by boys and girls 19-years of age and younger from throughout the Southwest.  Beginning with an official charter in 1974, the HPJRA has served the desires of some 8,000 youth who have strong and sincere interest in advancing in the sport of rodeo.  Not to be challenged by other junior rodeo associations, the HPJRA can lay claim to many who have advanced from HPJRA membership to hold claim on collegiate and professional world championship titles.  The HPJRA is dedicated to the growth and development of its membership through innovative and structured programs designed to not only reward athletic ability but to build upon a foundation of excellence in the sport of rodeo.



President: Kris Westfall 575-749-2558

Vice President: Jason Reddin 806-518-9571

Executive Treasurer: Baker Chapman 806-632-1524

Executive Secretary: Niki Westfall 575-725-7502

Rodeo Secretary: Linda McConnell 806-407-2611


Matt Alexander 575-370-3003

Brandon Arnold 970-571-3786

Derreck Ehrenberg 432-664-2529

Hadley Gilbert 575-749-0161

Lacey Houston 806-341-7413

Michelle Lane 806-787-1953

Chezie & Chance Parsons 575-725-0135

Coby Sutton 432-703-3878

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